PPTP Client on OpenWRT

  1. Refresh the OpenWRT’s repository

     opkg update
  2. PPTP client installation

     opkg install ppp-mod-pptp kmod-pptp kmod-nf-nathelper-extra
  3. OpenWRT network configuration

     config interface 'PPTP_VPN'
             option proto        'pptp'
             option server       'pptp.server'
             option username     'myusername'
             option password     'mypassword'
             option defaultroute '0'  # not using as default route
             option peerdns      '0'  # not using the dns servers
  4. (Optional) Adding static routes for connection via your VPN

     config route
             option interface 'PPTP_VPN'
             option target    ''  # LAN / WAN to connect via PPTP
             option gateway   ''     # gateway from PPTP